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Campsis radicans  :  Trumpet vine - Deciduous vine to 40’ will cling to wood, brick or stucco when started.  Flowers large open mouth, reddish- orange tubes, hummingbirds love them.  Will sucker.  Full sun, any soil, regular water.

Clematis lingusticifolia  :  Western virgin's bower  -  Deciduous vine to 30’ with white flowers and showy white seed clusters.  Prefers cool roots and tops in the sun so does well climbing on treesor fences with ground cover.  Part sun, any soil,
regular water.

Humulus lupulus v. neomexicana : Native Hop Vine  - Attractive deeply lobed deciduous folage. Female plants emit fresh piny fragrance. Perfers composted, well drained soil, part sun and regular / moderate water untill established.

Lonicera heckrotti :  Gold flame honeysuckle -  Vigorous deciduous vine (12 - 25’) with blue green leaves. Free blooming spring to frost. Flowers bright coral pink. Needs regular water, amended soil, full to part sun.

Lonicera japonica halliana :  Halls honeysuckle  - Fast growing, twining vine with evergreen foliage and fragrant white and yellow flowers all summer.  Hummingbirds love them.  Full sun, any soil, periodic deep water.

Parthenocissus inserta :  Woodbine  -  Scrambling deciduous vine with beautiful red fall color.  Very aggressive, full to part sun, average water, any soil.

Polygonum aubertii :  Silverlace vine - Deciduous rapid growing vine.  Can prune to keep from taking over.  Periodic deep water, full sun, amended soil.

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