Calendar of Native American Events and Dances
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There are eighteen Pueblos in addition to Santa Ana within the state of New Mexico. Visitors are usually welcome during annual events and feast days. Easy to reach -- especially in the Albuquerque area, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and between Albuquerque and Grants, New Mexico. 
The following is a listing of celebrations that may be of interest to traveler and local visitors alike.
Santa Ana graphic January
1 - Turtle Dance at Taos Pueblo. Afternoon dances at Jemez Pueblo (Matachines).

6 - King's Day Celebration including Buffalo, Deer, Eagle and Elk Dances at most pueblos.

22 - Evening Firelight Dances at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

23 - San Ildefonso Pueblo Feast Day with Buffalo, Comanche and Deer Dances. 

Santa Ana graphic February
2 - Candelaria Day Celebration with dances at Picuris and San Felipe Pueblos.

Late February - Deer Dances at San Juan Pueblo.

Santa Ana graphic March
19 - St. Joseph Feast Day and Harvest Dance at Laguna Pueblo (Old Laguna). 

Easter - Easter Weekend Celebration with Basket and Corn Dances at most pueblos. 

Santa Ana graphic April
1 - Jemez Pueblo Open Air Market featuring Jemez traditional foods, arts and crafts and artist demonstrations
Santa Ana graphic May
1 - San Felipe Pueblo Feast Day and Corn Dance.

3 - Santa Cruz Feast Day and Corn Dance at Cochiti Pueblo. Blessing of the Fields and Corn Dance at Taos Pueblo. 

Santa Ana graphic June
Memorial Day Weekend - Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show.
Santa Ana graphic July
4 - Mescalero Apache Maidens Puberty Rites and Mountain Spirits Dance at Mescalero. Nambe Waterfall Ceremonial and Bow and Arrow, Buffalo, Corn Harvest and Snake Dances by visiting tribes at Nambe Pueblo. Picuris Pueblo Arts and Crafts Fair.

2nd or 3rd weekend of July - Jicarilla Apache Little Beaver Roundup and Rodeo with various dances in Dulce.

14 - San Buenaventura Feast Day and Corn Dance at Cochiti Pueblo.

Mid July - ENIPC Arts and Crafts Fair.

25 - Santiago Feast Day and Corn Dance at Taos Pueblo.

26 - St. Anne Feast Day at Santa Ana and Taos Pueblos. Harvest and various other dances at Laguna Pueblos.

Santa Ana graphic August
2 - Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles Feat Day Corn Dance at Jemez Pueblo.

4 - Santo Domingo Pueblo Feast Day and Corn Dance.

10 - San Lorenzo Feast Day with dances at Acoma and Picuris Pueblos.

12 - Santa Clara Pueblo Feast Day featuring Buffalo, Comanche and Corn Dances. 

15 - San Antonio Feast Day with Corn Dances at Zia Pueblo and various dances at Laguna Pueblo 

2nd or 3rd weekend of August - Santa Fe Indian Market with Basket, Butterfly and Corn Dances.

2nd or 3rd weekend of August - Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial featuring 50 tribes in dances, parades and rodeos at Red Rock State Park near Gallup.

28 - San Augustine Feast Day at Isleta Pueblo featuring a mass in the morning and a procession following the mass, with dances in the afternoon.

Santa Ana graphic September
2 - San Estevan Feast Day with a Corn Dance at Acoma Pueblo.

4 - San Augustine Feast Day featuring a Harvest Dance at Isleta Pueblo.

8 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Feast Day with Harvest and Social Dances at Laguna Pueblo (Encinal) and Corn Dance at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

2nd or 3rd weekend of September - Stone Lake Fiesta and various Jicarilla Apache dances in Dulce. September 19 - San Jose Feast Day with Buffalo, Corn and Eagle Dances at Laguna Pueblo (Old Laguna). September 25 - St. Elizabeth Feast Day with Harvest and Social Dances at Laguna Pueblo (Paguate).

30 - San Geronimo Feast Day featuring Buffalo, Comanche and Corn Dances, in addition to a trade fair, ceremonial foot races and a pole climb at Taos Pueblo.

Santa Ana graphic October
4 - San Francisco Feast Day with a Corn or Elk Dance at Nambe Pueblo.

17 - St. Margaret and Mary Feast Day with Harvest and Social Dances at Laguna Pueblo.

Santa Ana graphic November
12 - San Diego Feast Day with Buffalo, Comanche, Corn, Deer and Flag Dances at Jemez and Tesuque Pueblos.
Santa Ana graphic December
12 - Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Feast Day featuring Bow and Arrow, Buffalo and Comanche Dances at Jemez, Pojaque, Santa Clara and Tesuque Pueblos. Los Matachinas Dance at Jemez Pueblo.

24 - 29 - Various Christmas Celebrations: Spanish Dance drama "Los Matachines" at Picuris and San Juan Pueblos; Pine torch Processions at San Juan and Taos Pueblos; Basket, Buffalo, Deer, Harvest, Rainbow and Turtle Dances at Acoma, Cochiti, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Clara and Taos Pueblos.

24 - Dances after Midnight Mass at Laguna, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Jemez and Zia.

25 - Christmas Celebration -- Matachina Dance at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

25 - 28 - Laguna Pueblo Harvest Dance.

Santa Ana graphic Ongoing
Traditional Indian dances are free to the public at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th Street NW in Albuquerque, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. throughout the calendar year. The Center also features art demonstrations at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. For more information, please call (505) 843-7270.
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