Company Background

In 1994, BSP Productions © was founded by Robert Marvin Garcia Hunt. BSP Productions © is the marker for popular museum specialists / technicians from all parts of the world to collaborate on services and offers museum consultation advisement on variable issues and many educational program needs for large and small museum / cultural museum organizations, Native American and Non-Native.

BSP Productions © has been successful in a variety of museum services work and notably in helping to advise scholars, scientists, media, school groups from K-5 elementary schools, to all categories of college level students and museum professionals from all parts of the world.

BSP Productions © currently serves a confidential clientele of customers in North America, South America, Europe, and East Asia, and has won numerous awards for its product and services.

Mission Statement
The company’s mission is to achieve goals set forth by each individual that works with BSP Productions © to accomplish the seriousness of what museum specialists and museum technician services are all about.

The strengths that each employee within BSP Productions © holds with expert knowledge, is to share professional museum ethics and education with their colleagues that will make for a successful work project, completion of an exhibit for the museum enthusiast and tourist of all ages to experience and cherish.

Services Provided
 Museum Design
 Lighting
 Collections Management
 Registration
 Repatriation
 Transportation
 Conservation (object / paper / metal / stone)

 New York City
 New Mexico
 Arizona
 Berlin, West Germany
 Manchester, CT
 Florida

Certifications, Accreditations:
 Transportation Truck Qualification
 OSHA 1910.178 Operations Safety Certification
 Lift Truck Operators Certificate and Qualification
 National Endowment for the Arts, Accreditation
 Northern Arizona University, Cline Library Certification
 National Dean’s List, Accreditation
 KE EMu Introduction, Information Technology Certification
 Microsoft Access / Excel Program Certification
 St. Ambrose University, ACCEL Program Certification
 Adobe Photoshop
 Word
 Power Point Presentation
 Apple Training Series iWork '08
 Apple Training Series iLife '08
 Oral Interview / Digital Film Documentation Accreditation

 Smithsonian Institution, Pride Awards
 Smithsonian Institution, Performance Awards
 Northern Arizona University, Library Award
 Denver Art Museum, Performance Awards
 Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Fellowship
 Southwestern Association in Museum Studies Awards
 National Dean's List Awards
 Talent Roster of Achievement in Museum Studies Award
 International Distinguished Academic Performance Awards
 Native American Tribal Recognitions
 Mellon Fellowships in Conservation
 Conservation Awards
 Fabrication Awards
 Gallery Awards



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